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What is the Sewciety Kids Program?

The Sewciety Kids Sewing Program is a sewing curriculum for kids ages 7 to 12. The Program takes a skill-building approach, starting with simpler projects and introducing new concepts and techniques as students progress.

Kids are exposed to all aspects of sewing including: quilting, garment sewing, accessories, embroidery and applique.

Students first take a Beginner Workshop (a standalone class) to learn the basics of the sewing machine, then they are eligible to enroll in the After-School Classes. Classes run on a 6-week schedule (called a session) and students typically complete 2 projects in the session.

The After-School Program is comprised of four Levels, each Level taking approximately 9 months (or one full school year) to complete - students can remain in the Program for four years and never make the same project twice!

Level 1: 
for beginner students 

Level 2: 
for graduates of Level 1 

Level 3: 
for graduates of Level 2 

Level 4: 
for graduates of Level 3

Join our Teen Class!
Our classes for teens is our sewing program for teens 12 & up. The program consists of a skill-building curriculum, focusing on current trends.

Students new to our program will be assigned appropriate projects depending on past experience.  Beginners start with simple garments such as PJ pants and raglan shirts, then progress in difficulty. Upon completion of beginner garments, students can choose projects that fit their own unique style.  All materials are included in the cost of the class.

Teens with no prior sewing experience must take our Teen/Tween Beginner Workshop before enrolling in the Teens Program.

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