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What is the Sewciety Kids Sewing Program?

The Sewciety Kids Sewing Program is a sewing curriculum for kids ages 7 to 12. The Program takes a skill-building approach, starting with simpler projects and introducing new concepts and techniques as students progress.

Kids are exposed to all aspects of sewing including: quilting, garment sewing, accessories, embroidery and applique.

The Sewciety Kids Sewing Program was born at Urban Sewciety, a fabric shop and sewing studio in Westfield, NJ. Megan Whitney opened the studio in 2015 in a cozy 350 square foot space and began by offering just a few classes, including one which quickly became our most popular - a mommy & me beginner sewing class. Kids loved this class and wanted more, so she started offering after-school courses for kids. Kids came, made cool projects, had tons of fun, and still wanted more! Suddenly, dozens of students were enrolling in after-school classes. After just one year, Megan took on a business partner, Meg Bulthaupt, and the business expanded to a 1,600 square foot space to keep up with the demand. Two years later, the business was bursting at the seams again and moved to a 3,300 square foot shop.

Meg and Megan had only one problem - they were continually running out of content because the same students kept coming back wanting more. They knew the classes were successful because the projects offered were modern, fun, appealing, and relevant to kids’ lives. But the ongoing process of coming up with new ideas, creating the patterns, testing them and revising them was difficult and very time-consuming. Megan searched for an existing sewing curriculum that would take the burden of creating new content off their shoulders. When she found nothing that would meet their needs, the pair set out to create their own curriculum.

At Sewciety Kids, we strive to foster a relaxed, supportive, fun, and creative environment for students. 

Students first take a Beginner Workshop (a two-hour introductory class) to learn the basics of the sewing machine, then they are eligible to enroll in the After-School Classes. Classes run on a 6-week schedule (called a session) and students typically complete 2 projects in the session.  

The After-School Program is comprised of 4 Levels, each Level taking approximately 9 months (or one full school year) to complete - students can remain in the Program for four years and never make the same project twice

Can't come year round?
  No problem! 
Students are able to leave and re-enter the program at any time, they'll just pick up where they left off!

In addition to the After-School Program, we also offer: 
 Knitting Classes + Crochet Classes + Hand-Embroidery Classes
Summer Camps + Mini Camps
Girl Scout Events

kids' knitting classes 

kids' crochet classes
kids' hand-embroidery classes

kids' mini camps
(when school's out!)
summer camps 

girl scout brownie events 

girl scout junior events 
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