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Even if you're new to sewing or have sewing experience, our adult classes offer endless opportunities to advancing your skills!

If you're a newbie or want to refresh your sewing skills, we recommend starting with our beginner workshop, Sewing 101 - Learn to Sew.

Sewing 101 - Learn To Sew

In this 2-1/2 hour workshop you will learn all the basics of the timeless craft of sewing.  

We'll start with a lesson on all the necessary sewing tools and a general overview of fabric types and sewing terms.  Then you'll learn how to wind a bobbin, thread a machine, and sew several types of stitches.  

Finally, you'll put your new skills to use and make a drawstring bag!

The best way to get better and advance your skills with sewing is to keep making new things!  
We have developed a curriculum that breaks down simple techniques and projects that build upon what you've learned in Sewing 101. Our curriculum is broken down into two focuses: Bags + Pouches and/or Garments.  

The 'Bags + Pouches' route guides you through learning skills involved with more craft-like accessories, while the 'Garments' route focuses on the techniques used to build a handmade wardrobe.

Sewing 201 - Bags + Pouches

In this course, students will build upon the skills learned in Sewing 101, with a focus on bags and pouches.  First we'll make a lined tote bag, then tackle two types of simple zipper pouches.  Skills learned and reinforced include using a rotary cutting system for precise cutting, making lined bags, working with interfacing, installing zippers, and making a boxed bottom.

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Sewing 201 - Garments

Students will build upon the skills learned in Sewing 101, creating two wearable items.  We'll start simple, building your confidence, with a pom pom trimmed infinity scarf, then we'll get serious with a pair of cozy PJ Pants.  Students will learn valuable skills for a foundation of garment sewing including: making appropriate fabric choices, using sewing patterns and reading instructions, proper cutting methods and transferring pattern markings, basic garment construction,  finishing seam allowances, making an elastic waistband, and hemming. 

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Sewing 301 - Bags + Pouches

Developing further on the skills learned in 201 - Bags + Pouches, take your sewing abilities to a new level!

Learn how to create boxy bottomed zipper pouches, as professional looking as you could buy in the store, then make a stylish everyday Uptown Bag with adjustable strap to carry all of your essentials out and about. 

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Sewing 301 - Garments

Developing further on the skills learned in 201 - Garments, take your sewing abilities to a new level!

Learn how to make a knit skirt - mini, midi, or maxi and a woven ruffle top. Techniques learned include working with knit fabrics, hemming, sewing a knit waistband, sewing a facing, using a burrito method for sewing an armsyce, and more! 

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[woven ruffle top photo coming soon]

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