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In order to register for our 2020 Summer Camps (with the exception of Week 7: Learn to Sew Week), students must have prior sewing experience or have completed our prerequisite Beginner Workshop prior to mid-March.  Unfortunately due to Covid-19, all Beginner Workshops that were scheduled in the months leading up to Summer Camp were cancelled and new students were unable to take this class in preparation for camp.  Any students with no prior sewing experience may register only for Week 7:  Learn to Sew week.  Beginner Workshops will resume later this summer in preparation for after-school kids classes.  Thank you for your patience.


one day workshops

come and make your own "Among Us" character!

Cost: $ 50.00
  • Tel: 908.232.0600
  • Email:
  • 361 South Avenue E, Suite 4 (2nd fl)
  • Westfield, NJ 07090